Thank you for your interest in joining our club. We’d love for you to share in our vision… to strive to provide the finest sporting & leisure environment for the greater Westville community.

Sporting Code Membership Benefits

Social Membership Benefits

PLEASE NOTE:  Membership cards must be produced to allow for discounts.

Membership Fees May 2023 – April 2024

Family membership – 3 or more family members 10% discount
More than 1 section per person – 25% discount on both subs.

PLEASE NOTE: We pro-rata the annual subs when joining after May 2023.
We charge for the remaining months up to April as our Financial year runs from May-April.

Completed applications, together with your ID need to be emailed to the club manager at, in addition to the Section Chairman

All applications are approved by the relevant Section Chairman and then the Club committee.

General Manager – Ed Pieret

Bowls – Peter Garrett

Squash – Feizal Sydow

Snooker and Pool – Frank Agg

Trails – Jason Harris

Club & General – Lisa Nourse