Westville Country Squash and Racketball Club

1 Link Road Westville

For the love of the game!

WCC Squash and Racketball Club has cultivated a strong sense of community and camaraderie among its members. We can be described as a “family” of squash and racketball players emphasizing the close bonds and shared passion that extend beyond just being a traditional club

The club hosts a variety of both social and competitive squash and racketball tournaments throughout the year.

The inclusion of numerous teams across different divisions during the winter league season, including both men’s and ladies’ leagues, speaks to the club’s commitment to providing opportunities for players of different skill levels to participate and compete.

WCC serves as the home of KZN  and KZN Masters Squash and hosts various KZN sanctioned tournaments throughout the year.

Passion. Competitors. Social

The KZN Masters Squash sessions held every Thursday evening are popular and well attended, providing a great opportunity for Masters players of various levels to engage in the sport.

An active ladder system with regular challenges in the Squash section is a fantastic way to keep members engaged and motivated to improve their skills. The monthly Big Challenge Friday, featuring a range of matches from different levels of the ladder, is a thrilling event that adds an extra layer of excitement and competition to the club’s activities.

Having 8 conventional plaster-walled courts, including 2 glass-backed ones with seating for around 200 spectators, provides an excellent environment for playing and watching squash and racketball matches.

The well-stocked Drop In Bar, known for its reasonable prices, is a popular gathering spot for both members and guests to enjoy after matches and socialize.

Activities available through the week

The club offers a diverse range of activities throughout the week,
catering to different skill levels and preferences:

Monday:                     Mullets Social Squash

Tuesday:                    Social Racketball

Wednesday:              Mullets Social Squash

Thursday:                  KZN Masters Doubles and Cronies Social Squash

Friday:                        Challenge Friday for both Squash and Racketball

Saturday:                   Doubles Squash and Pitch n Play Singles Squash

Our outdoor covered deck area with built-in braais is available, creating a space for relaxation and socializing.

We have a Thai restaurant offering tradition Thai cuisine, aswell as our onsite Coffee Bean serving coffee and pastries.

We have re-stringing facilities available as well as giving our members access to all the gear they need.





Feizel Sydow


082 525 7469


Grant Baudin

Vice Chairman

083 506 0662


Cathy Proctor


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Dean Merz


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Shaun Faber


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Mike Kidwell


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Social Group


Shaun Faber


082 893 1203

Kobus Blignaut


082 488 4800

Lorelle McCurrach


083 729 4439

Glynnis Parker

KZN Masters Chairlady

083 324 5138