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Squash Coaching 

with Charmaine Baker

Charmaine Baker has over 25 years of squash coaching experience.

She has coached at many schools in the Durban area, inspiring young players to reach their potential and instilling a passion and love for the sport. Charmaine has coached at the University Durban, Westville and run Squash Development programs with the SA Police. You will regularly see her on court, inspiring up and coming players, as she coaches them at WCC in the afternoons.

In 1993, under the umbrella of KZN Squash she started the first junior squash academy at Chiltern Park Squash Club in 1993 to provide the opportunity to young players to develop their games. The Academy still continues today independently of KZN squash.
Charmaine runs ladies and junior development programmes annually for Squash South Africa. She is passionate about junior squash, and many of her students are going on to represented KZN squash and SA squash. Annually she assists in a junior programme in London.

• Managed girls IPT junior tours
• Served on the KZN junior committee
• Served on the KZN committee Durban
• Level 2 coach

• 2010 Received an Honours Award from SA Squash for outstanding service
• Received a Helious excellence award in recognition to sport in 2011

Squash Coaching  

with Quinton Kippen

I have played squash competitively for more than 15years in the KZN Squash League/ Durban and Districts. And maintained a position of being in the top 15 players in KZN for at least 5 years.

During my career I have represented KZN at the inter-provincial Jarvis/Kaplan Cup Tournament on 3 occasions. I’ve been coaching players of various ages and levels for more than 20years. And also hosted squash coaching clinics, grass-roots development clinics, training camps for KZN Junior School squads and the South African Police Services (SAPS). Schools I have coached at are Thomas More College- 3 years, Danville Girls High- 3 years, Durban High School from 2016, Durban Girls College from the latter part of 2021 and Clifton College in the latter part of 2021.

In 2016, I participated in the World Masters International Tournament in Johannesburg in the 40-44year age category and won the Plate Event, finishing the event at number 26 of over 100 players within that age group.

I have a keen interest in sport and the development of sports people. My focus has recently been on holistic development of sports people to extend their participation in sport and to increase the numbers participating in sport. There has been a visible decline of people participating in sport at competitive levels and this has driven me to investigate and try to reverse this decline.

I am able to do one-on-one personal coaching sessions, small to large groups in both squash and racquetball. I’m also keen to help sports people who are trying to improve certain aspects of the sports they are focused on.

Free Bowls Coaching 

with WCC Bowls

WCC Bowls currently has 6 coaches, namely head coach Lyn Garrett, Lindsay North, Dylan and Bridget Mathews, Daphne Hill and Peter Garrett.

While Lyn does all the co-ordination of the coaching, Lindsay, Dylan, Bridget and Daphne assist in bringing new bowlers, whom we term as Novices, into the game and Peter does remedial coaching of experienced bowlers.

From Bowls Open Days, which are held once a quarter on a Sunday afternoon, we identify potential bowlers and invite them to come on Monday and Friday afternoons for free coaching and try to get them involved in the sport.

To date this approach has been fairly successful and some of our Novices have done exceptionally well and have even gone on to win the District Novice

Competition. In the last 5 years we have had three lady champions and two runners up in the men’s section. In all a very impressive record for WCC. In fact, two of our lady novice champions have now gone further and currently represent Port Natal Bowls in the National Interdistrict Tournament which is played annually.

MEET YOUR COACHES:  Lyn Garrett, Lindsay North, Dylan and Bridget Mathews, Daphne Hill and Peter Garrett.

Lyn and Peter have recently renewed their coaching certificates and the other four will renew their certificates in three years time.

So, regardless of your skill level we would love to encourage you to join the WCC Bowls family!

Cycle Coaching 

with Jason Harris

Meet Jason Harris – the heart and soul of Westville Country Club’s Cycling Academy and the embodiment of all thing’s mountain biking. With over two decades of pedal-pounding experience under his belt, Jason isn’t just a coach; he’s a trail-blazing guru, having conquered more than 200 gruelling races across the rugged terrain of KwaZulu Natal.

Ever wondered how many kilometres he’s clocked up? Let’s just say it’s enough to circumnavigate the globe and then some – though, truth be told, we haven’t quite crunched the numbers on that one!

But it’s not just his impressive mileage that sets Jason apart. Every session with him is a masterclass in race-ready preparation. From fine-tuning your technique to optimizing your nutrition plan, Jason’s expertise spans the entire spectrum of cycling – conditioning, bike setup, maintenance, and beyond.

Jason’s passion runs deeper than just competitive cycling. He strives to encourage our future generation of riders, both on a social and competitive level. He has the ability to train you, regardless of your skill level and ambitions. He can help you in preparing your bike and take you on amazing rides through our Eco Trail.

And if that weren’t enough, we’re proud to call Jason our very own WCC Eco Trail Chairman. Under his guidance, our trail has become the stuff of legends – a thrilling blend of challenge and exhilaration that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear (and perhaps shedding a tear or two of joy).

You’ll often find Jason tearing up the dirt on our Eco Trail, pushing his riders to new heights of skill and endurance. And when he’s not whipping cyclists into shape, he’s elbow-deep in bike repairs, ensuring every ride is smooth sailing (or should we say, smooth pedaling).

So why not strap on your helmet and join us for a spin? Whether it’s a weekly ride or a monthly challenge, you’ll have the chance to tap into Jason’s wealth of knowledge while soaking up all the fantastic amenities our club has to offer.

Ready to pedal your way to greatness? Jason’s waiting to lead the way.

Pool & Snooker Coaching  

with Allen Crous

Allen Crous is WCC Pots n Shots Pro, offering coaching in a great venue!

Born into the rhythm of billiard balls clacking against each other, Allen Crous found his calling at the tender age of six, when he first picked up a pool cue. Growing up in South Africa, he quickly immersed himself in the vibrant world of pool halls, learning not just the game, but life lessons from seasoned hustlers, often using his winnings to try his hand at competitions.

By the time Allen reached the age of 19, he had become a formidable presence on the pool circuit. However, life took him on a different path, and he took a hiatus from the game. It wasn’t until he reached the age of 38 that he rediscovered his passion for both pool and snooker.
Allen’s dedication to his craft led him to represent his country, proudly wearing the colours of South African National Defence Force team. His skills weren’t limited to the pool table; he transitioned seamlessly into the world of snooker in 2014, garnering accolades and recognition over the following years.

Beyond his own achievements, Allen finds immense fulfilment in nurturing and mentoring young pool players, passing on his knowledge and passion to the next generation. For him, WCC Cue Section is not just a place to play pool; it’s a community-based family, a hub of solidarity and the shared love for the game.

As Allen Crous continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of cue sports, his journey serves as an inspiration to all who dare to chase their dreams, one shot at a time. Under the guidance of Allen, WCC Cue Section offers a team of Pool and Snooker coaches. Training is offered to all ages of interested players with abilities ranging from beginners to seasonal players.

First session is free to assess the student/player abilities, after which a training program will be constructed and discussed for a way forward with regards to logistics, costing and planning of training sessions.

Uprooted Personal Training 

by Rene Fourie

I believe in applying an all rounded balanced approach to living a healthy and happy life. One cannot enjoy the full potential of a healthy physical body if the mind and soul aren’t equally in sync.

I started my fitness career in 1999. Besides working in private practices, I also worked as a qualified group exercise instructor, personal trainer, master trainer and as part of management within Virgin Active from 2006-2020.

I am owner and Master Personal Trainer of Uprooted Personal Training based at WCC, mentor at Physical IQ in Durban, High Performance coach at Percentage Tennis Academy and mother of 2 teenager girls.

Helping people become the best version of themselves in totality of mind, body and soul is what motivates me.

Specialising in helping people of all kinds of life and backgrounds in living a balanced life, and forming healthy habits for longevity, I invite you to come through for a once off FREE try out group session to see what we are all about.  

Spitfire Strength & Performance 

by Michele Warbreck

I am a strength and performance coach, and owner of Spitfire Strength & Performance, specialising in helping high performance professionals over the age of 30 to develop strength, power and resilience for big wins in and out of the gym without the burn out.

I have been a coach for the last 7 years during which time a passion grew for specifically helping people become the strongest they’ve ever been and get the most out of their daily performance while working around the demands of a high pressure, stressful career.

The approach I take to my training programs always factors in daily stress levels and training readiness so that my clients are pushing within the limits of what their body can handle that day and not over-taxing an already burdened system.

This is the most sustainable and effective way to reach your goals and my programs are designed to ultimately help you look, perform and feel amazing.

Squash Coaching 

with Rowan Smith


As a squash player I was very determined to become the best player that I could, despite many challenges I feel that I accomplished this by representing South Africa at the Men’s World Team Championships in 2006.

I’ve been fortunate for a number of years to compete against and train alongside some of the best players in the World, including three former World no 1’s. In addition to this I was also very privileged to train under Malcolm Wilstrop, one of the best coaches in the world and also coach to two former World no 1’s.

Having first been introduced to squash by my father at the age of 5, as well as having started coaching from as early as the age of 17, I combine over 30 years of playing and coaching experience with an academic background in both Sport Science and Psychology.

I have a good track record of producing results, having seen a number of young players go on to represent their Province and Country under my guidance. Most recently, Jacques Duminy has won the 2017 u/15 South African Open, the u/15 Hong Kong Open as well as the u/17 Junior African Open.

In addition to this I have had two professional players in Siyoli Waters (2013 & 2014) and Shaun Le Roux (2014) win Senior National Titles as well as achieve World High Rankings of 28 and 32 respectively.

As a coach I now have the same passion and determination I did as a player to see and help others improve, realise their full potential and go on to achieve their personal goals and aspirations.